Why GIOF Exists

Genesis Diez & Genesis International Orphanage Foundation

Was established by Ken & Greg Amstutz, two brothers, who desired to help the children in shelters and orphanages of Baja California, Mexico while affecting the lives of volunteers from the US, Canada & Mexico. In 1999, Genesis Diez A.C. came into existence as a non-profit, tax-exempt Mexican educational civil association. Then in 2001, Genesis International Orphanage Foundation achieved the official U.S. government 501 (c)(3) non-profit, tax exempt educational organization status.

Mission: Genesis International Orphanage Foundation is a Christian-based, non-denominational, tax-exempt non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in the United States that creates on-going educational enrichments for the orphanage children of Baja California. As the expert on orphanages in Baja, Genesis promotes cross-cultural understanding while serving the needs of these children.

Vision: Genesis International Orphanage Foundation partners with national and international Government, non-government, private institutions and volunteers to create educational enrichments opportunities for these displaced children in Mexico. Genesis strives for shared experiences that benefit the children, staff, supporters, and field volunteers. We are sensitive to the cultural and religious backgrounds of the people we serve and incorporate this awareness into the educational activities that we facilitate. Additionally, Genesis assists organizations, groups and individuals who choose to work independently to help the children.

Purpose: Genesis International Orphanage Foundation channels resources of individuals, groups, and organizations to meet basic educational needs and provides enrichments and activities of sustainability with the help of Church and community.

Philosophy: Genesis International Orphanage Foundation (Genesis) provides Christian love and service to Mexican children (and their staff) living in orphanages and shelters while allowing supporters to share experiences that promote new personal, cultural, social, spiritual, and environmental growth opportunities.

Genesis accentuates the similarities between people while respecting differences. A fundamental belief is that an individual’s worth is not dependent upon their level of social or economic position. Educational enrichments and activities are guided by Christian values that include ethical behavior, mutual caring of individuals, environmental sensitivity, and recognition of the universal rights of each person. Every child is seen as a blessing from God and should grow in a loving and nurturing world.

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Genesis International Orphanage Foundation